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Summer Run Streak Report: Week 7

This week has been a pretty solid one, from a training standpoint (You can scroll down to the numbers if you’re just dying to see.  I won’t tell.). On the nutritional front, however, things haven’t been so stellar.

I’ve been relying heavily on the, “I run every day.  Did you hear that?  EVERY. DAY.” conversation (either internally or externally) when justifying some of the things I cram in my face.  I know that I can’t possibly be working off all of the calories I am consuming. But I run every day, see?

This is the negative feedback loop I’ve been stuck in the past couple of weeks. Plus, it’s been hot (I’m not sure if you’ve noticed), so the wife and I are less inclined to want to heat up the entire house by cooking at home.  Oh, and Little Man loves to go to restaurants (which is kind of weird, because he oftentimes acts as if he is on a two-hour pass from the looney bin once we get anywhere).

So there you have it. Hot weather, eating out, running every day (Did I mention that already?). I think I may have had a breakthrough moment this week when I ran across the following:


Image: runtothefinish.com

This is what I needed to see! So much so that I printed it off real big (at work, of course) so that I could stick it on my fridge.  So far, it has only made it as far as my work bag. But I know it’s there, so that counts, right?

Apparently, some actual change in behavior is required. I wasn’t thinking about that when I ordered a giant grilled enchilada that night.  Needless to say, my run that night was not fantastic.  Not even close.  In fact, my notes in my running log state that it was, “not a lactate threshold workout, but a reflux threshold workout. Awesome.

So, I’m learning some lessons this week.  Hopefully I can turn these little lessons into progress. Nobody wants to see any more race photos full of moob (sorry about that).

Here’s the numbers:

This week’s mileage: 22 miles

Total streak mileage: 125 miles



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