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50 days?!? (And a big @procompression discount!)

You read that title right- today was 50 of the Summer Run Streak! Things are going well, and I’m excited to keep this up through the rest of the summer. Before I started this little adventure, I hadn’t even run a week straight.

There are a few things that are helping me on this journey.

My foam roller- if you don’t have one, get one. You’ll hate it and love it all at the same time!

My Monday night group run crew- while most of my runs are solo endeavors, it’s great to touch base with these guys, whether we’re celebrating or commiserating.

And a new one as of this week- my PRO Compression marathon socks. I’ve used various brands of compression socks and calf sleeves, and the black and yellow pairs I picked up this week from PRO Compression are great. And I have never seen a client base that so rabidly endorses a product.

And so, after a couple of runs in my PRO Compression gear, I want you to join the bandwagon! They’ve got a 40% discount site-wide (plus FREE shipping) through August 4th. Check out their website, and use the promo code JULY when checking out. Your legs will thank you!


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