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Summer Run Streak Report: Week 6

Six weeks already? I guess it has been 42 straight days of at least a mile. (Not that I’m counting. Oh, wait. Yes I am.)

This week was one of those grind-it-out, just-get-out-there-already, you’ll-remember-why-you-like-this-once-you-get-started kind of weeks. I was again confined to the treadmill for a few runs, since we seem to be locked into the monsoon pattern for weather here in the panhandle. I did manage to get outside a couple of times, one of which was the group run I do on Mondays. Thank goodness for a little peer pressure accountability.

Had a little scare this week, as I got sucked into a late-night History Channel black hole and nearly missed a run. It was close, but I had to tell myself that King Tut would still be dead when I got back from my run. For those of you wondering, he was still quite deceased upon my return.

I’m hoping that this week was just one of those times when you have to force yourself to get out there no matter what. But that’s what a run streak is about, right?

Here are the numbers for week 6.


This week’s mileage: 14.35 miles

Total streak mileage: 103 miles


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