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Summer Run Streak Report: Week 5

Wait, didn’t I just post about week 4? Ok, I’m catching up. Don’t judge.

This week has been crazy.  Sure, we’re on our break between summer school sessions, but we’ve been running around like crazy, trying to get the house ready for our expanding family.  After a legendary trip to IKEA, I’ve been trying to turn this

IKEAinto usable furniture for our house without looking like this:

image: IKEA

image: IKEA

In addition, it is monsoon season here in the Southeast. We had four straight days of heavy rain this week, forcing me onto the treadmill at the gym most nights (Yippee!).  So what’s a guy to do? Sign up for a 4th of July race, of course.

The Firecracker 5K was a soggy one, to say the least. I was imagining that I would be drenched as soon as I got out of the car.  Fortunately, the rain stopped for a few hours.  Unfortunately, the course resembled a steeplechase, and the humidity was like July in Florida. (Oh, wait…)

The race went fine, and my time reflected both the conditions and the maintenance phase my training is in. Here’s a photo of yours truly, exercising the freedom to show a little leg on the 4th.

image: Herb Wills

image: Herb Wills

I realized that I also was showing a little more moob than I’d like.  Let’s face it. Nobody wants to see that.  It may be time to tighten up on the nutritional front around here.

The run streak is still going strong, and here are the stats:

Week 5 mileage: 15.8 miles

Total streak mileage: 88.7 miles

Week 5


Mileage is a little less this week. Maybe it was the weather.  Maybe it was the holiday.  Regardless, I’m reminded of the wise words of one of the fathers of our great country.

image: Runner's World

image: Runner’s World


Anyway, keep exercising the freedom to get out there and run!


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