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Meanest. Daddy. Ever.

A quick story from today.

Little man refused to take a nap today, which was awesome, since the Mrs. and I are in the midst of converting our home-for-three into a home-for-four and nap time is prime time to get anything accomplished. Don’t get me wrong, we appreciate Little Man’s help around the house. But this kid can undo a days worth of work in about 3.2 seconds if left to his own devices.

So, in lieu of a couple hours of restful dreaming (that either of his exhausted parents would gladly take), he graced us with two hours of singing every song he knows, reciting books to his stuffed animals, and general jumping around. Of course, he was sure to give us status updates every few minutes.

“I’m not sleeping!” “I want to be awake!” And then he played the Get Out Of Jail Free Card. “Um, I’m pooping!”

At this point we sprung him from the clink, made a potty stop, and proceeded with the day’s tasks, the highlight of which was a trip to the Promised Land: Target.

Now, I enjoy a trip to the Bullseye Boutique. Heck, I gave almost an entire year of service in the red and khaki right out of college. But this kid loves him some Target. And if we lived a couple miles closer, he might have stayed awake to enjoy it. Instead, he zonked out about halfway there. Those of you with kids will understand what I mean when I say that this was no ordinary nap. It was one of those “eyes-rolled-back, I-wouldn’t-recognize-my-own-mommy-I’m-so-tired” naps.

Being the considerate parent I am, I made sure to spread out the bags we brought before putting our little Baby Moses in his basket (so as to avoid a toddler who is all waffly and stuff).


Needless to say, I got the list checked off in record time, and I even made sure to take Little Man to see his favorite Jake toys. And I took pictures, which makes me the meanest. daddy. ever.



One response

  1. Your MOM

    You learned from the best meanest daddy in the world – and you hated naps even MORE than Graham does! Turn about is fair play…

    June 27, 2013 at 7:36 pm

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