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Yesterday was the last day of school for students.  I now have, laid out before me, the one thing all adults wish had carried over from their childhood: summer break.

Here’s the catch- summer break as an adult is nothing like it was when I was a kid (or at least how I remember it).  I have a full week of meetings next week in order to close out this school year and get ready for the coming summer school session. Then there’s the bills, the ever-growing to-do list, chasing around kiddo #1 (2 1/2, with the energy of four of me and the attitude of a 14 year-old), and preparing the homestead for the arrival of kiddo #2 this November. Because this summer “break” is already looking so busy, I thought I’d get a jump on the “What I did this summer” essay. Here’s my “What I’m going to do this summer” essay.

I’m going to streak.  My running has become inconsistent (at best), so I am going to attempt a run streak over my summer “break.”  I plan on running at least a mile each day from now until students return in the fall on August 19th. By my calculations, that will be 79 consecutive days of running.

I’ll be posting updates here each week in order to stay accountable (even if only to myself) and report any adventures along the way.

What do you do to stay motivated when your running (or any habit you’re trying to encourage) hits a rut?


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