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The Year That Was…

A year ago, I wrote a post about where I’d like to be in a year.  Don’t worry, it won’t be hard to track that post down.  It was all of about three posts ago. (Maybe updating this blog more often should be one of the goals for this coming year…) 

One of the areas I set forth to improve was my health.  I started running more, I joined Weight Watchers.  I’m proud to say that I lost about 30 pounds, and have managed to keep of about 25 of those pounds without having to “follow the program.” Not that I have quit the program, however.  I consider it a very expensive security blanket (like Linus with a cashmere throw).  Most of my success has come from pouring on the miles this past year.  I got over the hump of not liking to run.  Now I’m at the point that I don’t like to not run.  Seriously, I start to get testy if I go more than a day or two without getting out there.

A year ago I said that I wanted to run a few more 5Ks this past year.  Well, that turned into a few 5Ks, an 8K, a couple of 10Ks, a 15K, and a HALF MARATHON.  To be fair, I won’t try to squeeze all the things I want to say about this year in running into one post (stay tuned, both of you followers).

Living out my faith in a way that is natural and obvious to our super-observant two-year-old is an area in which I feel I have grown this year.  I wish that there were an easy way to quantify this (you know, like a hand-dandy online running log), but it doesn’t quite work that way. Safe to say that I hope to keep growing stronger in this area. I may be using this blog as a place to write about what seems to be my latest dilemma in my faith walk, reconciling my Quaker upbringing with the Lutheran beliefs we are pursuing as a family. 
Ok, time to talk about where I want to be a year from now… I’ll be knocking on 35 (so I’ll obviously be forming my super-PAC for the 2016 presidential race). I hope to be in love with running as much as I am now (another half, maybe?). We’ll see what the year brings.  Hopefully, I’ll have at least a post or two between now and then.