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Right Foot, Left Foot

This morning, our family ran in the Springtime Tallahassee 5K. Our first family race was the Turkey Trot last Thanksgiving, for which we had dutifully completed the Couch to 5K program in preparation. Today’s run was more of just gutting it out. I’ve been trying to climb back up onto the running bandwagon with at least a couple of runs a week. Not. Enough.

We made it through the race in 34:30, not too far off from our Turkey Trot time (on a much hillier course in much higher humidity). I am so proud of my wife for working do hard at something that she wouldn’t otherwise choose to do (unless chased by a bear, according to her).

Here’s the real motivation. While I’ve never been fast, I want to show my son that he can do anything he sets his mind to. This spring is the big push for local races, and I think I’ll put my name in for a few of them. I’d love to get my 5K time under 30:00 again. Well, I’d REALLY like to get it back to the low 20:00 range like way back in high school. That was a number of years (and a number of pounds) ago.

So, hopefully, I will have some posts in the coming weeks about all this running fun. If nothing else, I’ll get plenty more time pushing this guy around.



Busy, Busy, Busy

This is the weekend that wasn’t. Any of you who are teachers know that this is a crazy time of year. Testing, cabin fever, and all that go with it can make each day tough. In addition to all of this, I have been preparing for a formal observation by my principal. Needless to say, school stuff alone could have easily consumed the entire weekend.

That wasn’t the case, however. In addition to being a special education teacher, I am also a Special Olympics coach. I got involved with Special Olympics a few years ago, and I always look forward to track and field season in the spring.

I don’t want anyone to be confused by thinking that I actually enjoy running around a track. I never did, and I never will. While I enjoy running (especially with my wife and son), I prefer to go somewhere when I do. Coaching track and field, on the other hand, is totally different. It’s a great sport for my elementary aged athletes, as they can each find something that plays to their strengths.

So, in the midst of everything else that had to be done this weekend, I held my first track practice of the season. I get to hold practice during school hours each week, but this was our first Saturday session. I know the kids had fun, but what they don’t know is how much my batteries were recharged by this one hour. I am continually amazed by how much I learn from my athletes, even when I am the one who is supposed to be teaching them.

Some keys from Saturday’s practice:

-Running is FUN! It’s not all about competition all the time.
-Having shoelaces tied and shoes on the right feet are both key to success
-You better have water bottles enough for all the athletes (and any siblings who tag along)

I sometimes get bogged down in my own running. I think everyone does. Sometimes it feels like work. Sometimes it gets skipped (perish the thought!). I can only hope that I can channel some of the fun that my Special Olympics athletes bring to every practice the next time I don’t feel like lacing up. You better believe that our family run on Saturday afternoon was pretty awesome. Any run that happens to end at the park has to be fun, right?