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What a Monday


Today has been a crazy day. I found out this morning that a good friend of mine and his family will be relocating to Oregon in the next few weeks. Another friend got a job offer in Wisconsin. A third is listing her house for sale as of tomorrow, looking to leave Tallahassee. Any one of these events, on their own, would be a lot to take in, but getting all this news on the same day was like having the rug pulled out from underneath me.

Perhaps I’m being a little over-dramatic. But I got a healthy dose of perspective yesterday. I had been away from Jen and Graham for most of the weekend for a work training. I got home safely Saturday night and was thrilled to see my family (I don’t like to be away from them, even for a day or two). Yesterday morning, there was a report of a massive accident on the interstate I had been traveling the night before. Ten were dead, and many more injured. The accident was caused by blinding smoke over the roadway. I had driven through the same smoke the night before, even thinking how obnoxious it was.

I am so grateful for being delivered safely home from my trip. Maybe it’s selfish to be glad I wasn’t caught in that accident. Maybe God is hard at work reminding me that I am not in control. All I know is that I am hugging my wife and son extra tightly these days. I’m not passing up opportunities to tell them I love them.

The picture attached to this post is one I took today on my walk back to work after eating lunch at home. I think it captures how topsy-turvy everything feels right now. The bicycle wheel in the photo is stationary, only appearing to move because of how I treated the image. I need to remember that even though it may seem that things are swirling around me, I have so much that is solid in my life. I am loved by my wife and son. I have been blessed with such good friends that it hurts just to think about them not being around.

Sorry to start this blog with such a somber post. It is my hope that this blog can be a place for me to share, vent, think, process, and such. If you know me at all, you know that there are bound to be much more light-hearted posts to come.


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